Kidult and Co was started with a purpose; to make children’s clothing that broke the mould. To take a stand against the tide of pink for girls and blue for boys and stand up for the British fashion industry, with a strong emphasis on Made in Britain. Statement t-shirts are key to our collection, with each range aiming to blur the boundaries between gender specific clothing.

Thanks to our monochrome colour scheme we’ve created a fresh and fashionable clothing range that is completely unisex. It’s aimed at you, no matter what your gender, age, sexual identity or any other category is, which society wants to box you into. 

We’re not evangelical about it and we’ll never get all preachy on you, but Kidult and Co firmly believe that what you wear – whether as an adult or a child – should not be dictated by society or anyone else, but instead that your clothes should be a means of self-expression that tells the world who YOU are, not anyone else.

That’s why we just make simple, well-made clothing with great designs and a big dash of style, so that both you and your little ones can look cool and express your individuality, regardless of your sex. 
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