HUDSON & MOO Leopard Love

HUDSON & MOO Leopard Love

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Laces are completely aesthetic, all #newkix have elastic ankles which makes them easy to put on and makes sure they stay on... Who wants to do up laces on a wiggle worm!!!

100% Cotton Lining so that your little bubba's feet are swaddled in natural fibers 
100% Wool wadding is used to make sure those sweet little toes are kept warm and snug but can still breath :) THIS ALSO MEANS THEY MUST BE WASHED AS A WOOL PRODUCT.... HAND WASHING RECOMMENDED 
Fabric used for shoe uppers varies per style but generally natural fibers ard used. Unfortunately some of the most fabulous prints are not 100% natural. 
Faux suede is used for the soles of all shoes.

Please note that as these are hand made there may be variations subject to fabric availability.


Size 2: 10cm

Size 3: 11cm

Size 4: 12cm

Size 5: 13cm