SUNNY & FINN Baby Got Back Bags

SUNNY & FINN Baby Got Back Bags

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Tie Dyeing for Adventure

The babygotbacks prove that you’re never too young to rock some serious style.  Designed for little people, we go where they go - the ultimate toddler accessory.  Tie dyeing for adventure range comes with the added bonus of a customisable pocket!  

Exterior- 100% cotton
Faux leather pocket with zip
Adjustable straps
Flap with magnet for easy closure

Interior- Wipeable lining
Inside pocket

Babygotabacks are suitable for children aged 1-5

intended for little people adventures, not for the seriousness of a school ground

The dimensions are: H 28cm x W 23cm

CARE: Do not machine wash, hand spot wash only with mild detergent

Please note: Colours may be slightly different to bags pictured as fabric is hand dyed, making every babygotback unique